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Trinity of Relationship

We are created in God’s image and likeness (Genesis 1:26-27), which means we are created for relationship. The Holy Trinity is relationship: Father, Son, Holy Spirit. The Three Persons in One God exemplify the meaning of relationship. Lover (Father), Beloved (Son), and Love Breathed Between (Spirit)

act collectively, not independently. God created all that exists by speaking the Word and breathing out the Holy Spirit. Creator, Word, and Breath worked together to form the universe, the earth, all creatures, and humans, and they continue to work together to animate the world and influence hearts. When the Word, the Son of God, became human, it was the fullness of God that became Incarnate. When Jesus was hanging on the cross, he embodied the fullness of Father/Creator and Holy Spirit. When Christ resurrected from the dead, it was by the power of the Trinity that he rose. Because God is relationship, God created us for relationship.

One of the biggest struggles through this past year was the isolation of the pandemic. Because we are made for relationship, when we don’t have regular contact with one another, we suffer greatly. It is not surprising, then, that we’ve seen a rise in mental illness and suicide, violence, and disparity of perspectives. We are all feeling disconnected and tense. We are suffering, and we’re taking it out on each other. So what’s the solution to restoring peace in our hearts, our families, and our communities?

In order to begin restoring peace in our lives and world, we first need to renew and deepen our relationship with God. We can renew our relationship with God by returning to Mass and entering into the Love Feast of the Eucharist. When we gather with family and friends in faith, God fills our hearts with peace and joy. We can deepen our relationship with God by making time for prayer, not only speaking rote prayers, but – and I would say especially – also by sitting with God in silence. Silence is God’s primary language. Unless we make time for quiet, we will not be able to hear God speaking to us in our hearts. When we are quiet with God, God can fill us with peace, joy, and love.

Once we’ve deepened our connection to God and opened our hearts to be filled with the peace, joy, and love of God, the Holy Spirit will naturally flow through us outward to touch the hearts of the people we encounter. Imagine a bubbling spring welling up within you That bubbling spring is God’s peace, joy, and love. That bubbling spring cannot be contained in the vessel of your heart, so it overflows into your relationships with your family, co-workers, friends, neighbors, and everyone you encounter.

I believe that relationship with God who is Love is critical to changing our world. When we grow in our personal relationship with the Holy Trinity, we will be able to live Jesus’ words to “Go, and make disciples of all nations.” (Matthew 28:19) Let’s begin today to restore our relationship with God, center ourselves in Christ, and allow the Spirit to flow through us to touch the hearts of everyone we encounter.

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