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The Hush of Holy Saturday

Jesus died yesterday . . . and the whole world hushes, pauses and holds its breath.

We have experienced this same hush and pause with every tragedy, loss and sorrow in our lives. I remember the hush and sorrow after the Challenger explosion in 1986; the fall of the Twin Towers in 2001; every war and fire and flood and sever storm; my mom's diagnosis and death in 2018. With each event, I wondered if the earth still turned. I wondered if the sun would rise again. I wondered how life could continue after such a death, such a loss.

Yet the sun did rise the next morning. The earth still rotated through the seasons. Birds still sang their morning songs. We know the hush is only a pause. Life continues beyond the hush.

Jesus did rise from the dead to new life. We experience resurrection and new life after every tragedy, every loss, every sorrow. We are resurrected when the storm passes and people come out to assess the damage and help one another clean up. We are resurrected when people reach out to one another with a hand and a listening ear in the midst of sorrow. We are resurrected when the buds of compassion spring forth after every devastation.

Christ has conquered death's hold on us and on our world. Now Christ calls us to live in the hope of anticipating every resurrection, every recovery and healing. Christ calls us to live in the joy of new life. May we hold onto this hope and joy knowing hat the sun will rise . . . the Son did rise.

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