• tburnsfaith

Tending My Inner Garden


as the earth greens,

the trees bud,

and flowers bloom,

welcoming the warmth of spring,

awakening to new life,

so my inner garden longs to reawaken, green, bud, and bloom.

O Divine Gardener,

cultivate the soil of my soul with your gentle hands.

Refresh my soul with the water of your love.

Nourish my soul with your Presence and Voice.

Pull the weeds of whatever distracts me from opening my heart to you.

Prune the places that have become overgrown with focus on myself rather than on you.

May your tenderness cultivate tenderness in me.

May your gentleness cultivate gentleness in me.

As I turn my face to your Son, may the rays of your Love warm my core,

melt the cold and hard calluses of the wintertime soil of my soul,

and ready me for a rebirth of surrender to and trust in you.

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