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Prayer at the end of a restorative retreat

My heart has been restless.

My soul has been thirsting.

I have felt buffeted by the winds of life, the chaos of daily activities.

I've been adrift, unanchored.

While I've longed for a rhythm of ebb and flow of life's activities and centering in God,

I've allowed myself to get carried away by the waves and winds of life.

Grace has called me back.

Grace has invited me to resettle and recenter in the One Who Is.

I feel a different wind now -

rather than being buffeted and adrift in the winds of active life,

I feel the wind of Spirit blowing out the dust and cobwebs

breathing fresh air into the lungs of my soul

re-energizing and restoring me to who I really am in the Great I Am.

Refreshed and renewed, it's time to return.

I pray that Grace will sustain my spirit

and remind me to regularly take time to get away and rest awhile.

As the winds of life begin to blow and buffet me,

I pray that Spirit will breathe peace into my being.

As I feel myself getting parched from the energy expended in activity,

I pray that the wellspring of Life will bubble up within me.

As I become restless,

I pray that the One Who created me and is ever-present within me

will invite me into her lap to rest in her gentle Arms of Love.

May the embers of the Spirit continue to smolder within me

so that I may bring forth the tasteful goodness of

God's grace and peace and joy and love

in all I do and for all whom I encounter.

May my every breath draw me deeper into awareness

of the Divine Spark within me,

to open myself to the Inspiration and Wisdom of Spirit

and God's desires for me.

~ written at the end of Journey into Silence retreat, June 2021

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