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Nothing really depends on me

I am writing this as I am in quarantine for testing positive for COVID-19. While my symptoms are mild, I am unable to go about life as usual and am required to rely on other people for help. Even while I am lying low, things are being accomplished. And those things that get missed, I must remind myself, were really not that important. Every time I get sick, I am humbled to realize that nothing really depends on me.

As I grow in age – and hopefully some wisdom – I’m realizing that what I do and accomplish doesn’t matter as much as who I am in my relationships with others. It’s okay if I don’t write a great novel or create an amazing program. There are other people who can do those things much better than me. Who I am to others, however, may have a long-lasting effect. How I show others compassion and care is much more important than ensuring that great things are accomplished.

I have discovered that the more I am servant to others, the happier I am. Yes, I may think that I can do something better than someone else, but if I step aside, encourage the other to do their best, and support them along the way, something happens that is greater than accomplishing the task well. By setting myself aside, I can help the other discover who God created them to be and to take pride and find joy in their goodness.

While we tend to want to avoid getting sick, I believe there is value in allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. Illness reminds us of who we really are: imperfect and broken human beings. We are only as good as the greatness others realize in themselves when they are with us. There is only One who is perfect and who is worthy of all glory and honor…and it certainly isn’t me.

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