• tburnsfaith


So much is stirring in me. I find myself being drawn to Love, to the interconnectedness of all things, to the Incarnation of the Divine within me and in the universe.

Thoughts that are resonating within me are:

- Redemption is always a possibility for everyone and everything. God's arms of loving mercy are always outstretched to us.

- Everyone has soul-sickness. Most people are soul-sick because of trauma, family dynamics and socialization, and personality and ego. Understanding where people are coming from, their background and possible experiences, moves us to be more compassionate toward them.

- If we allow our egos to take over and rule us completely, we may enter into an evil realm - self-centeredness; self-preservation at all costs; grasping for power, possessions/wealth, prestige/honor, and pleasure all and only for self-gain.

- Practicing prayer and entering into authentic community moves us to surrender our ego, empty ourselves, and open our hearts to the Incarnation of Divine Love. When we contemplate God - in silent listening for God's voice and through intentional attentiveness in our activities and encounters with others - we begin to break open our hearts to receive Divine Love, which then pours out to touch others and all of creation.

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