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Living in Love

I am convinced that anyone who sows seeds of discord or condemns others is acting under the influence of the evil spirits - diabolos, the scatterer. Political parties that trash-talk each other are following the evil spirits. Church factions that belittle, ostracize, and condemn others are acting from the evil spirits. Negativity and disrespectful disagreement are from the evil spirits.

Christ is compassion, mercy, Love. Christ never condemns, but rather exhorts so as to call and invite persons to conversion and transformation. Always from Love.

So we are called to love our enemies, pray for those who persecute us, give without expectation of return. We are called to give forgiveness generously without expecting the other to accept our forgiveness, forgive us, or reconcile with us. we CAN respectfully disagree with others' perspectives and still maintain open dialogue.

Lord, help me to be an instrument of your Love and Peace.

May I sow seeds of compassionate listening, respect, and dialogue.

When I disagree with others or they disagree with me,

help me to openly listen with respectful love.

I may learn something from them.

When others condemn me or argue with me,

let me not take it personally,

but open my heart to love them and pray for them.

Let me be a sign of your compassion and mercy in this world.

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