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Lenten Prayer for Growth in Virtues

Lord, as we begin this season of Lent, open our hearts to your grace and mercy.

Let our fasting instill in us the virtues of humility and temperance so that we might recognize our abundance and relinquish the things that keep us from connecting with you and our families and friends.

May we generously give of ourselves and our resources to care for the needs of the poor and vulnerable in our community and world.

May we recognize Christ in every person we encounter and interact with them in a spirit of kindness and charity.

Strengthen us to stay true to our vocational vows so we might chastely interact with our brothers and sisters.

May our prayer draw us into more intimate relationship with you and empower us to diligently participate in your mission of love and service.

Guide us with your Holy Spirit that we may grow in the virtues of humility, temperance, generosity, kindness, charity, diligence, and chastity.

Help us to make this season of Lent a time to surrender more deeply to your desires for us.

We pray in the Holy Name of Christ Jesus, who lives and reigns in unity with the Creator and the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever. Amen.

~ Written for a Lent women's event, 2021

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