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Create a Lenten Prayer Plan

Lent begins in ten days, which means it’s time for us to consider how we might plan to spend our forty days in the “desert” with Jesus. The three Lenten prayer practices are prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. This week, consider how you might pray through Lent to deepen your relationship with Christ Jesus.

A friend of mine, Becky Eldredge, is a spiritual director, retreat leader, and author. She is a very spiritual woman and inspires me with her wisdom. In her retreats, she often invites participants to create a spiritual plan. I invite you to consider these questions to develop your Lenten prayer plan.

· Time: What could be my prayer time? Consider what is the best time of day for you to make time to be quiet with the Lord.

· Place: What could be my place of prayer? Consider where you might go to get away from distractions, just as Jesus often got away to pray to his Father.

· Space: How do I want to make it a sacred space for prayer? Maybe you could light a candle and set out your Bible or other religious objects to help you to focus during your prayer time.

· Prayer Method: Is there a certain prayer method or prayer methods I feel drawn to right now? Listen to your heart for any desires of prayer that might be calling you to explore. Maybe your heart is tugging you to pray with Scripture using Lectio Divina or Imaginative Contemplation, to pray with the Psalms with Liturgy of the Hours, to just be quiet and contemplate God’s presence within and around you, to practice the prayer of gratitude, or to explore some prayers of the Saints or other Catholic prayers.

· Community: What support do I need right now from those in my home, from my faith community, from my friends? Perhaps you need to ask your family to give you time to be quiet. You could ask your friends and people in your faith community to pray for you (and you can pray for them, in turn). Maybe you need to ask someone to encourage you to pray every day.

Remember, there is no wrong way to pray. Whatever you do, even the simplest gestures, will help you to grow in your relationship with Christ Jesus. You just need to make a commitment to show up and open your heart to God.

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