• tburnsfaith

Call me out, O Lord

O Lord, I am bound by all the wrappings of this world:

the expectations of others,

the worries and concerns in my heart,

the pain and suffering of so many people,

wars, violence, poverty,

and so much more.

I am especially bound by the wrappings of my own sins.

Roll away the stone from the tomb of my struggles, sorrows, and sins.

Send your light into the darkness of the cave of my despair.

Open my heart to hear your voice calling me out of my self-centeredness and sins.

Free my soul from the bindings that hold me back from reaching out to you.

Draw me into your Presence and fill me with new life and peace.

Breathe into me your Holy Breath and renew my spirit.

Resuscitate me in your love and mercy.

Give me a voice to proclaim your greatness to all peoples.

You, O Lord, are my light and my life.

In you I find mercy and fullness of redemption.

Praise be to your Holy Name forever and ever!

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